...I have employed the Savage Skills team to demonstrate at No Fuss Events in a business to business relationship, their professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding, coupled with their ability to add value to No Fuss Events. The crowd can easily appreciate the level of expertise required and are keen to push limits of the shows. I have no reservations in recommending Savage Skills (As long as dates do not clash with No Fuss Events Dates)..."
Frazer Coupland
Director No Fuss Events




   Ben Savage - Manager / Rider

Ben Savage
Manager / Rider

Nick Name? Savage
Age? 26
Riding Trials for? 16 years
Home town? Bishops Castle, Sunny Shropshire

Enjoys / Hobbies? I really enjoy keeping fit and healthy, I get a strange kick out of pushing myself to the limit. I generally enjoy participating in all kinds sporting activity no matter what it is. Travelling to and exploring new countries fascinates me, even though I quite often get lost. Recently I have been to a number of concerts which is a truly amazing experience.

Why trials? Trials to me has become a drug "I just can't get enough" weather is performing in front of thousands of spectators or winning a competition the feeling is so rewarding. All you need to enjoy trials is a bike and a helmet. Everywhere you look there is a possible line to ride but quite often it's not obvious to the naked eye. Its finding these lines and making full use of what's available when there is very little to go at which I enjoy so much.

Most memorable moment? It has to be winning my first World Championship title in 2003. Two days prior to the event I had a crash during my final training session which required twelve stitches in my face.

Favourite place to ride? The UK has many very good places to ride. My favourite venue in the UK is a quarry just outside Matlock in Derbyshire. But a rocky stream in Itadori, Japan has to be my favourite riding location of all, rocks ranging in size from a football to a house!

Hopes for the future? I would really like to see more children enjoying cycling! I shall be working hard with my local council initially to try and get more kids active and out there enjoying exercise. Competition wise: I hope to continue improving like I have done over the past few years, which will hopefully lead to some good results and another World title in the near future.

   Charley Lane - Rider

Charley Lane

Nick Name? Charlie "CHAZ" Lane.
Age? Dare I say it 30.
Riding Trials for? Been riding properly for 10 yrs I'd say.
Home town? BC

Enjoys / Hobbies? I enjoy keeping active, recently got into a bit of mountain biking which I really enjoy. Music, drumming, DJing and going to events as much as I can. Travelling when I get the time and opportunity.

Why BMX? I just love it. You always learn, it's demanding, it's scary, you can have your own style and the feeling it gives you is awesome!
I met all my friends through bike riding and have been many places.

Favourite Trick? Just a big floaty 360. They feel so nice and always look good, they're easy to bail to when things don't work out.

Favourite place to ride? When I was in the states we all went a road a 24hr concrete skate park in Louisville. It was huge! We started riding at 2am and rode until the sun came up. We had the whole place to ourselves. Love to ride there again, by far my favourite spot. Closer to home I really enjoy our little local park in Welshpool, we have rode there for ages but new things keep getting nailed.

Hopes for the future? At the moment I really want to go ride a new setup which has been built in Beijing. So hopefully I'll do that next year, that and stay on the bike injury free and just keep enjoying it.

And finally any secrets you would like to share? I'd like to share? My friends and I have been working on some big trails for some time now, there's a lot of work to be done but they are going to be sweet. Some interesting landscape around them to which would be beneficial to the trials boys. Where are they.....? That's a secret.

   Jack Meek - Rider

Jack Meek

Nick Name? Meeky
Age? 30.
Riding Trials for? Just over 10 years now.
Home town? Henley

Enjoys / Hobbies? I love anything with wheels, even lawn mowers! If I'm not out on a bike you would normally find me chilling with friends and having a good time.

Favourite Trick? My favourite trick has to be a front flip over the handle bars which I created a few years ago, I named it the Meek FLIP.

Favourite place to ride? I love riding in Oxford there is so many technical lines there and even though I've been there 100's of times I always find a new line to try.

Hopes for the future? I hope that trials can make it to the Olympics one day and I'd like to think that I had contributed towards getting the sport there!

And finally any secrets you would like to share? I have my own little world called Meek World

   Matthew Holdsworth - MC

Matthew Holdsworth<

Nick Name? Young Matthew
Age? 30
Commentating for? Just over 5 years
Home town? Barnoldswick (the second longest place name in the country without repeating any letters)

Enjoys / Hobbies? Trials, Football, watching rugby, food, and listening to Muse!

Favourite phrase? Gag? 'I think someone needs a diet'

Enjoy most about commentating? I enjoy being able to talk about the sport that has been a passion in my life for 11 years, spending time with the riders and promoting trials to the general public. It is amazing hearing and seeing the reactions of the crowds as the guys put on the show. I am still amazed by what they can do.

Most influential commentator / speakers? Boris Johnson, well someone has to be a fan! I also like the technique of the Rugby League commentator Mike "Stevo" Stephenson, complete confidence in everything he says, "I'll bet the wife on that being given as a T-R-Y!"

Why trials? There are few sports in the world where the community is so close, as was shown in the Easter Bunny Hop 2008 Demo Event in memory of Ben Carlile. Everyone is really friendly and the scene is one of the most relaxed I have known. You can compete in events across the country, meet new people and you get to travel to some amazing places. For me though the personal challenge of achieving your own goals makes the sport for me.

Most memorable crowd? Day 3 of the Royal Highland Show 2009. Each of the demos saw a bigger and bigger crowd, spilling out of the stands by the end of the day. The volume got really pumped and everyone got behind the riders making them push the limits. After each demo the demand for autographs and photos with the riders was immense.

What techniques do you use to get a lazy crowd cheering? I like to make them feel part of the show, like they can influence what is going on: Cheering louder gets the riders to "go bigger". Jokes usually work well, but nothing beats a good old fashioned synchronised hand clap!

Any near misses when a team rider jumps over you? So far nothing, I wouldn't put myself in that position if I feared for my good looks. The riders are World Class so the odds of them landing on me are pretty much none! This is one of the best parts of the show for the crowd and I get a front row seat, unmissable!

Hopes for the future? To work with Savage Skills promoting the sport as I would like to see trials grow and reach a wider audience.

And finally any secrets you would like to share? Well yes but I'm not sure that I would define them as secrets! But go on; I was the first person in Britain to have a broken tooth put back in as a crown 5 years ago. It was broken so badly they couldn't make a crown to fit, it's still there today!

   Wayne Mahomet - Rider

Wayne Mahomet

Nick Name? Waynio
Age? 30 believe it or not.
Riding Trials for? Nearly 12 years.
Home town? Keighley in Yorkshire.

Enjoys / Hobbies? I love playing football, I am the goal keeper (you might laugh seeing as I'm only 5 foot tall) and I play all through the winter normally.

Favourite Trick? I love going fast so my favourite tricks involve a good bit of speed and with speed comes danger and that's just how I like it.

Favourite place to ride? Shipley Glen in Yorkshire is amazing! I am so lucky to have one of the best riding spots in the UK only minutes from my house.

Hopes for the future? I hope to remain injury free for as long as possible!

And finally any secrets you would like to share? Sorry folks I'm saying nothing.

   Lois Morgan - Rider

Lois Morgan

Nick Name? Sorry to be boring but I haven't really got one.
Age? 25
Riding Trials for? 10 years
Home town? Crickhowell, South Powys, Wales

Enjoys / Hobbies? Bike trials, motorbike trials, partying, shopping.

Why trials? Allot of my family ride trials so that's how I got into it, it's a good laugh and I find it challenging.

Most memorable moment? Winning the European Championship in Czech Republic 2006.

Favourite place to ride? Porthcawl, South Wales.

Hopes for the future? To become a college teacher.

And finally any secrets you would like to share? If I told you they wouldn't be secrets lol

   Sam Oliver - Rider

Sam Oliver

Nick Name? Little Sammy
Age? 22
Riding for? Motorcycle trials 7 years / Bikes 5 years
Home town? Oswestry, Shropshire

Enjoys / Hobbies? I am one of those people that have to be active the whole time. I like allot of different sports but playing Squash, riding my motorcycle trials bike, Jet skiing and running are a few of my favourites.

Why trials? Because I like the fact you are always learning something new. Even if it's a trick or move that I can easily do, there is always a way to make it slightly different and more challenging.

Most memorable moment? Beating 5 times World Champion and Elite rider Vaclav Kolar earlier this year at Hook Woods (Surrey) to win the Euro cup!

Favourite place to ride? Living pretty central and close to the Welsh border I have quite a selection of places to train. My favourite place to ride though is Tywyn (Gwynedd) my parents own a holiday home there so luckily I get to go there quite often.

Hopes for the future? To be crowned Junior World Champion next year in Canada. I will be competing in the 20 and 26" classes so it's not impossible to come home with two medals, which would be a dream come true.

And finally any secrets you would like to share? Well....Go on then. I quite enjoy playing netball.

   James Hyland - Rider

James Hyland

Nick Name? Jimmy
Age? 23
Riding Trials for? 10 years
Home town? Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Enjoys / Hobbies? I go through phase's, last month I was into swimming but now I'm doing allot of Yoga and I'm loving it!

Why trials? Occupies the mind!

Most memorable moment? It's got to be winning the Senior World Championships. Closely followed by winning the UCI Junior World Championships only three weeks later. Two years of solid training finally paid off.

Favourite place to ride? Gosh that's a hard one. There are so many good local spots up north but you can't beat a day at Lake Ogwen (North Wales) with Savage.

Hopes for the future? To help others enjoy trials as much as I enjoy it.

And finally any secrets you would like to share? Not that I can think of. But never tell me one because I really can't keep them!